The Top Ten Reasons why the Mafia is better than the state: By Emily Sandblade

Emily Sandblade, 58 years old, wrote this and share at “Soapbox Idol” at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, aka “Porcfest“; which is sponsored by the Free State Project! The remainder of this blog is her writing:

“Some people object to anarchy because they believe it will result in a takeover by organized crime.
In response, I’d like to present:

The Top Ten Reasons why the Mafia is better than the state.

Reason Number 10: The Mafia has a sense of honor. If they say that they will do something, they stick to it. Nobody in the government has a clue what a sense of honor is. If they say that they will do something, you can count on it only if you’re getting screwed.

Reason Number 9: The Mafia code of conduct is simple and clear, and unfettered by legal doublespeak and millions of regulations.

Reason Number 8: When competing Mafia families go to war, they don’t kill hundreds of thousands of civilians as “collateral damage.” War is the health of the state, but for the Mafia, it’s bad for business.

Reason Number 7: Instead of conducting the war on drugs and the American people, the Mafia is perfectly happy to peacefully provide high-quality products to those who desire them.

Reason Number 6: When you buy protection from the Mafia, you get protection. The Mafia has a good track record for limiting violent crime in the areas that they protect. When you buy protection from the state, you can dial 911 and die.

Reason Number 5: The Mafia’s protection is much less expensive than the state’s. The Mafia wants ten or fifteen percent of your profits, while the various levels of government will try to snatch at least 40 to 50 percent of your profits.

Reason Number 4: Unlike the state, the Mafia wants your business to succeed. They know that ruining your business means that you can’t pay for protection. The Mafia imposes almost no regulatory overhead, nor do they require that you waste your time filling out zillions of self-incriminating tax forms.

Reason Number 3: The Mafia won’t keep you from having a gun to protect yourself and your property. The state prefers that you be disarmed. The Mafia will gladly sell you the means to protect yourself and they won’t bother with a Brady check, either.

Reason Number 2: The state wants to regulate what you do in your bedroom. The Mafia not only does not want to regulate what you do in your bedroom, they will gladly sell you whatever you need to enhance your enjoyment.

And the number one reason why the Mafia should replace the state:

Members of the Mafia have a great sense of style, dress far better than government bureaucrats, and are much easier on the eyes.

So there you have it. The next time that somebody argues that anarchy results in an increase in organized crime, smile sweetly and tell that person it would be a real improvement over the state.”
Written by Emily Sandblade

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5 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons why the Mafia is better than the state: By Emily Sandblade

  1. Jaimine says:

    I want Mafia to win next Elections. I support and Vote for them 😛

  2. maxi says:

    I’ll help Emily move to New Jersey.

  3. Jared Arugay says:

    This is such a great article,, i have looked for this since i made an interest about the mafia……. i believe in this article.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., Mafia is created to replace the evil government

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  5. Stefan Johann says:

    yeah, replace one evil with the other,,,,good idea!

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