something I wrote on a spurt of bad days

October 13th, 2008 – Midnight


May my breath be swiftly taken from me
May it never return life to my body
Putting and end to all my anguish and turmoil

My mind never stops turning
My heart continues down the path called pain
If I could trade my gripless pain for fleshly pain to cease my grief
Let it be

No one to cry-out to, no one to embrace
May my breath be taken from me with a swift and sudden haste

Sitting here waiting to be unchained from my shackles and
Turned loose from this empty prison
I worry my flesh will run ramped with its own destructive desires

I’m tired of friends who take after whodini
One moment they’re present in your life
And in the blink of an eye they’ve deserted you

I’m tired of power hungry giants that with one step, even a breath
Cause a ripple effect of destruction
Or the complacent pig who looks after his own interests
Carefully chosen, to fulfill his own greedy desires
Or the all but defenseless elephant
that have the desire and means to get something of decency done
but have not the courage to do so and essentially breed destruction

My grief consumes my soul and is painfully unrelenting to my heart
With no one to trust, no one to reach out to and no one to count on
I continue to be let down and used like some piece of bait for a fisherman of life

I don’t understand and thus baffles me how people can be so self-centered
So uncaring and so unwilling to simply carry out the natural duties and
Responsibilities of citizen, or at least a human being

They watch the world around them unraveling down
And yet are too naïve to realize the thread of life as it unravels
Has mummified them and began to lay themselves down in the whitewashed tomb they so deserve

The three-headed beast we deal with today has turned into a snake with dozens of heads
Doing and saying anything it must to gain more presence and power
Soon it will deliver a lifeless bite and we’ll become puppets
Puppets with no freedoms, restricted thoughts and undeserving mindsets

May I one day reach out to find someone there
May I one day cry out to have someone comfort me
May I one day rise above my own weaknesses and conquer my own desire with in

May I one day be able to convince and persuade just once person to stand up for good
To strike the snake on his chin and wake him up from his slumber
May one day my mind rest and my heart be at ease
May one day, life, will let up off its squeeze.


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