Dear Hanover County Tax Collector

Dear Hanover County Tax Collector,

It has come to that time of year where ordinary men and women, elected or not, presume they have the right or authority to steal people’s money in the form of an involuntary property tax. This particular tax undermines property rights and is NOT in alliance with a free-society. This type of tax clearly tells me that I do not own my property; because if I did, there certainly would not be any strings attached to it. I should not have to give up the fruits of my labor to continue to own my property. Furthermore, it clearly tells me that there must be some magical transformation that occurs when someone decides to work for the government. This transformation accepts, encourages, and is structured around a deficiency in transparency and blatant double-standards. I do not understand why I cannot come to your home and demand you to give me a portion of your income in order to pay for property in which you own (and have already payed taxes on!); but it is somehow suddenly justified by working for an organization called “the government” that is backed by guns and other forms of force – How is that not a double standard?

In the words of Murray Rothbard, “Every individual, business, or organization in American society acquires its revenue by the peaceful and voluntary sale of productive goods and services to the consumer, or by voluntary donations from people who wish to further whatever the group or organization is doing. Only government acquires its income by the coercive imposition of taxes. The welcome new element is the growing resistance to further tax exactions by the American people. Every income, every activity, every piece of property, every person in the land is subject to a battery of tax extortions, direct and indirect, visible and invisible. There is of course nothing new about this; what is new is that the accelerating drive of the government to tax has begun to run into determined resistance on the part of the American citizenry.”

Where does my stolen money go? I certainly do not consent to having it taken from me, nor do I condone the “services” that it supposedly provides for me. I do not want your protection services, therefore I do not consent to them. I also wish to refrain from using your legal system, as I find it to lack any ability to provide justice, perverting law into a crime of it’s own. Is it not wrong to hurt peaceful people? Countless men and women who have not caused harm, damage, or injury to anyone or anything, have had a portion of their lives stolen from them by your organization. This theft can be in the form of property (money, collateral, property the state deems as illicit, etc), or their actual lives being taken from them for an extended period of time spent in a cage, sometimes indefinitely. Have you ever had to do the dirty work and come after people, with your hand on the gun pointed at them, because they refuse to give up the fruits of their labor? I highly doubt it. And I would be willing to bet you would be ashamed of yourself, because you should be.

Property taxes are only one piece of the puzzle. Overall, most Americans hand over at least 40% of every dollar they make to government at some level. The appetite for your tax dollars — whether at the federal, state, or local level — will continue to grow year after year unless we begin to rethink the proper role for government in our lives. Eventually there will be many individuals and family members that will refuse to fund your system all at once. How many of them would you see ejected from their homes, or have property taken from them to ensure that you get your next paycheck. Please consider ending your role in this extortion. End your role in the violence and threats and the caging of peaceful human beings. Find a voluntary way to offer your services, some of which actually have value in the market place. The rest of us act by consent, why can’t you? Whatever your choice, please know that I forgive you for what you have done and continue to do.

So in conclusion, I will again give up my money, under protest and duress, in fear that if I do not, you will delegate the initiation and use of force against me and rationalize the theft of property which I own. For this I forgive you. Again, I hope you reconsider working for an organization that, just like the mafia, is based off of force, aggression, and coercion. Or at the very least, reconsider doing your job when in violates the basic fundamentals of the non-aggression principle & human interaction – You do not take from something from someone that is not yours, without their explicit consent – and using force to achieve this goal does not justify the end result. Stealing is immoral, extortion is immoral and kidnapping peaceful people is immoral, Government is not/ should not immune to these acts of criminal behavior.

• Nathan Cox

P.S: As you may recall, last year I reluctantly & under protest paid my taxes in rolled pennies, dimes, and nickels. It’s unfortunate that I will not be able to perform such a protest this year. However, if I am not thrown in a cage by your colleagues, and if I am still residing in Hanover County, expect there to be a protest bigger than the county has ever seen. The people are tired of getting robbed.

Below is a video of a fellow friend & tax protester as well, Ian Freeman, Host of radio show, Free Talk Live.

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