Letter To Sheriff Hines

Dear Public Servant David Hines,

On December 26th, 2011 at approximately 9:15am, one of your deputies, specifically, “L.T Norman” Badge # 0720 used the threat of force to pull me over for running a red light. I am a staunch advocate for peace, non-violence, the Non-aggression Principle and Voluntaryism. Under stress, protest and duress I pulled my vehicle over, in fear that my well-being would be jeopardized if I didn’t comply with the man with a badge and a gun; flashing his lights at me. I asked public servant “Norman”, if he could tell me what actual crime I committed and if he could identify a victim. I clearly did not harm anyone, as it would go against my morals and principles I stand on. You can watch the video of me asking him questions at this web address (which I’m assuming you’ve already seen):

I took a look at your departments “Crime Statistics” and unfortunately there was no mention of traffic violations, which doesn’t surprise me; because without a doubt those numbers would dominate any other category. It saddens me that you and your officers have decided not to follow through with the oaths you’ve sworn, failing your oath; that being to protect and defend the United States Constitution. I too took that same oath, and although I am no longer serving in the army, I perpetually keep that oath. Below are statistics I pulled from your own website. “Narcotics Violations” comes in 3rd place (that’s excluding the traffic violations statistics your department has conveniently left out.)

County Totals
(Year To Date)
Aggravated Assault = 28
Arson = 1
Burglary = 104
Homicide = 1
Larcenies = 872
Narcotics Violations = 373
Robbery = 6
Sexual Offenses = 9
Vandalisms = 351
Vehicle Thefts = 62

It greatly concerns me that your department, based off your own statistics, seem to have a priority of harassing, extorting and caging peaceful people. People that pose no threat to anyone’s life, liberty or property. I now have a coerced appointment with a man in a robe who’s paid by the same people that pay for your department’s salary, as well as the prosecution. All of you people are on the same team, so-to-speak, so how can I expect a fair trial/hearing?

I am also aware of the electronics ban policy your department enforces at the courthouse, which is a violation of the public’s right to keep an electronic record of their own court proceedings. I’m informing you now, that I plan on recording my proceedings because I have a right to. I have a right to record on public grounds and especially public servants. Attached to this letter is a Virginia statute that certifies what I’m trying to convey to you. Which leads me to my next point, I don’t know how you or anyone in your department can justify breaking the “laws” that you claim is your job to enforce. Your badge sir, does not grant you extra rights. If I get arrested by one of your deputies for practicing my legal right to record my proceedings, I will follow up with a civil lawsuit after the criminal charges are dealt with.

Because of the firm belief I hold regarding the usurpation of freedom by the hands of those sworn to protect it, I will not be accepting any “plea” of guilt. I have committed no crime, as a crime requires an identifiable victim. You may choose to move forward, and attempt to demonize my entirely peaceful behaviors as “crimes” in a court of law; however, the time and tax-payer money you will waste in this unnecessary procedure will not make anyone safer, nor will it restore any kind of broken peace. If restoring the peace is the job of a police officer (once known as “Peace Officer”), I suggest you reexamine the actions of your officers, as they seem to be counter-productive to your goals.

I want you to be aware that every conversation I have with the police, or any public official will always be recorded, usually video, but at the very least audio. This is because I believe it’s the only way to protect myself and to hold public servants accountable and transparent. In saying that, I fully intend on publishing this letter on the internet. You can expect a crowd of supporters at my proceeding. Lastly, I wanted to let you personally know, that I do not want, need or consent to any of the “services” your department offers; especially I do not want, need, or consent to your protection.

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Dear Hanover County Tax Collector

Dear Hanover County Tax Collector,

It has come to that time of year where ordinary men and women, elected or not, presume they have the right or authority to steal people’s money in the form of an involuntary property tax. This particular tax undermines property rights and is NOT in alliance with a free-society. This type of tax clearly tells me that I do not own my property; because if I did, there certainly would not be any strings attached to it. I should not have to give up the fruits of my labor to continue to own my property. Furthermore, it clearly tells me that there must be some magical transformation that occurs when someone decides to work for the government. This transformation accepts, encourages, and is structured around a deficiency in transparency and blatant double-standards. I do not understand why I cannot come to your home and demand you to give me a portion of your income in order to pay for property in which you own (and have already payed taxes on!); but it is somehow suddenly justified by working for an organization called “the government” that is backed by guns and other forms of force – How is that not a double standard?

In the words of Murray Rothbard, “Every individual, business, or organization in American society acquires its revenue by the peaceful and voluntary sale of productive goods and services to the consumer, or by voluntary donations from people who wish to further whatever the group or organization is doing. Only government acquires its income by the coercive imposition of taxes. The welcome new element is the growing resistance to further tax exactions by the American people. Every income, every activity, every piece of property, every person in the land is subject to a battery of tax extortions, direct and indirect, visible and invisible. There is of course nothing new about this; what is new is that the accelerating drive of the government to tax has begun to run into determined resistance on the part of the American citizenry.”

Where does my stolen money go? I certainly do not consent to having it taken from me, nor do I condone the “services” that it supposedly provides for me. I do not want your protection services, therefore I do not consent to them. I also wish to refrain from using your legal system, as I find it to lack any ability to provide justice, perverting law into a crime of it’s own. Is it not wrong to hurt peaceful people? Countless men and women who have not caused harm, damage, or injury to anyone or anything, have had a portion of their lives stolen from them by your organization. This theft can be in the form of property (money, collateral, property the state deems as illicit, etc), or their actual lives being taken from them for an extended period of time spent in a cage, sometimes indefinitely. Have you ever had to do the dirty work and come after people, with your hand on the gun pointed at them, because they refuse to give up the fruits of their labor? I highly doubt it. And I would be willing to bet you would be ashamed of yourself, because you should be.

Property taxes are only one piece of the puzzle. Overall, most Americans hand over at least 40% of every dollar they make to government at some level. The appetite for your tax dollars — whether at the federal, state, or local level — will continue to grow year after year unless we begin to rethink the proper role for government in our lives. Eventually there will be many individuals and family members that will refuse to fund your system all at once. How many of them would you see ejected from their homes, or have property taken from them to ensure that you get your next paycheck. Please consider ending your role in this extortion. End your role in the violence and threats and the caging of peaceful human beings. Find a voluntary way to offer your services, some of which actually have value in the market place. The rest of us act by consent, why can’t you? Whatever your choice, please know that I forgive you for what you have done and continue to do.

So in conclusion, I will again give up my money, under protest and duress, in fear that if I do not, you will delegate the initiation and use of force against me and rationalize the theft of property which I own. For this I forgive you. Again, I hope you reconsider working for an organization that, just like the mafia, is based off of force, aggression, and coercion. Or at the very least, reconsider doing your job when in violates the basic fundamentals of the non-aggression principle & human interaction – You do not take from something from someone that is not yours, without their explicit consent – and using force to achieve this goal does not justify the end result. Stealing is immoral, extortion is immoral and kidnapping peaceful people is immoral, Government is not/ should not immune to these acts of criminal behavior.

• Nathan Cox

P.S: As you may recall, last year I reluctantly & under protest paid my taxes in rolled pennies, dimes, and nickels. It’s unfortunate that I will not be able to perform such a protest this year. However, if I am not thrown in a cage by your colleagues, and if I am still residing in Hanover County, expect there to be a protest bigger than the county has ever seen. The people are tired of getting robbed.

Below is a video of a fellow friend & tax protester as well, Ian Freeman, Host of radio show, Free Talk Live.

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The Non-Aggression Principle Explained

The Non-Aggression Principle is hardly complicated and practically applicable in our daily lives. Strive for peace, non-violence and non-aggression. Aggression is incompatible with a free-society.

The Non-Aggression Principle explained by Stefan Molyneux, host of “Freedomain Radio“:

The Non-Aggression Principle explained by Walter Block:

The Non-Aggression Principle explained by Ayn Rand:

The Non-Aggression Principle explained in elementary fashion:

Further explanation: http://wiki.mises.org/wiki/Principle_of_non-aggression

Please promote and educate these principles, they are basic, common-sense, fundamentals to humanity!

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A Hanover County Marijuana Transaction Gone Fatally Wrong


Three suspects, none over the age of 19 have been formally charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Brett A. Wells of Mechanicsville, VA that occurred over this past weekend. According to Sgt. Chris R. Whitley of the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, the three suspect were arrested today (Monday). They also were charged with use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and aggravated malicious wounding. The victims include Brett Wells, whom was shot at his house located on Verdi Lane. He was a sophomore at Atlee High School. The second victim, who’s named appears to not have been released, was also shot, reports say in the hand, as the suspects attempted to get away.

Colonel David R. Hines, sheriff of the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office stated, “I am exceptionally proud of the exhaustive efforts of our investigative staff in resolving this case in less than 48 hours,” Col David R. Hines, sheriff, said. “They have literally worked non-stop and are to be commended for their hard work and dedication. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the City of Richmond and Henrico County Police Departments for their direct assistance in furthering our investigation. Lastly, I would like to thank the community for their cooperation during this very trying time.” I too, would like to congratulate the Sheriff’s Officer and the cooperating local Police Departments in the success of capturing 3 thieves and at least one murderer. Hats off to you!

Whitley, of the Hanover County’s Sheriff’s Office said the preliminary investigation indicates that an arrangement was made to purchase a quantity of marijuana from the victim, Brett Well. However, the intention of the suspects was (allegedly) never to purchase the marijuana. Rather, they (allegedly) intended to steal it. As a result, a physical altercation took place during the transaction, which led to Brett Wells being shot once in the chest.

It’s a shame these business transactions can’t be done peacefully, like any other transaction, whether it be a buying goods from a 7-Eleven or Walmart, purchasing the services of a prostitute, or purchasing what we are told are “prohibited items”, such as drugs, off people who operate on the black or grey markets. That’s part of the consequences of prohibition though: trust issues. Everything is done in secret, which creates violence. That’s why educating today’s youth on the principles of Liberty, Voluntaryism and the The Non-Aggression Axiom are SO IMPORTANT. WITH Liberty comes freedom of choice and with freedom of choice comes self responsibility. Force & violence should never be acceptable unless it’s in self defense; and there are NO double standards to that principle (simply meaning people with a badge and a gun don’t have immunity from consequences for using force against peaceful people – but we won’t go down that route right now).

This is an example of the type of business transactions you can expect when you are operating on a black or even grey market. And it’s unfortunate because as a result of the prohibition on certain goods and services, it creates a dangerous environment and a market that good people unfortunately have to operate in. Secrecy, alley-way transactions, behind close-doors transactions, simply transactions that aren’t transparent create trust issues between the entrepreneur and his/ her customers. The good or service being sold is NOT what is causing the violence, it’s a result of the prohibition of those goods or services and a great example of that was the prohibition of alcohol.

For example, hiring the services of a “working girl”, aka prostitute, if criminalized, creates an unsafe environment for her profession because it means the way she has to carry out her job must be done in secret or in fear that if caught, another type of aggression will be committed against her (The State will demand her money or take her freedom by locking her away). Furthermore, carrying out her business in a more private, hush-hush, non-transparent manner creates more of a risk for a violent attack or robbery. On the flip-side to that coin, if she could carry about her business in a professional manner the risk factor would tremendously be decreased for several reasons. Reason one, she could openly/transparently advertise her business and her office, meeting place, which means, she would be that much more protected by the community around her. Reason two, she could have security, or some sort of security system. As far as health aspects, if prostitution was legalized, like it is in some parts of the country, the demand for this type of service would create higher standards when it comes to health related issues, specifically STD’s. ALL legal prostitutes now (possibly by mandated law, or the company they work for) get health screenings and a DNA Analysis to check for STD’s quite frequently, likely on a weekly basis. (I don’t plan on exhausting each point here, I hope the reader can follow my way of thinking and continue to look outside the box w/out having me to explain it). The same can be said for drug transactions or ANY transactions of goods or services that are done within the black or grey market (but we know there is even a risk of getting robbed in the open market as well). If there was a Laissez Faire CapitalismFree Market” we wouldn’t have this violent situation that is created by the “drug war”.

That’s why I said that educating today’s youth on the principles of Liberty, Voluntaryism, and the The Non-Aggression Axiom are SO IMPORTANT. With Liberty comes freedom of choice and with freedom of choice comes self responsibility. Anything and everything that is voluntary or consensual, should be permissible in a free society. Teach your children to use force ONLY when it’s morally acceptable to, in self-defense. Otherwise, committing an act of aggression against somebody shows a complete lack of respect for their life, liberty and property. Our education must go one step further than that though. Government, especially the federal government is out of control, and there is a little something called “nullification” that people can do to keep the government in check. I will only mention this in brief, but there are various types of nullification, state nullification to federal mandates/legislation, jury nullification and lastly what Sheriff Richard Mack calls “Sheriff Nullification“. Sheriff Nullification is a simple concept, The Sheriff being an elected official has more authority than agents of The Federal Government and to retain our Constitution and the Republic, if the Federal or even State government start passing laws that are unConstitutional, The Sheriff (to all Police, and anyone who’s taken the same oath) has a right and a duty to uphold the Constitution and to disregard any mandates or legislation that are unConstitutional that would essentially undermine our life, liberty or property. Sheriff Richard Mack HAS HAD SUCCESS at this – I implore all you readers to look into him and the hyperlinks i’m providing. If you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I would implore you that you take that oath seriously and be an Oath Keeper.
Urge YOUR Sheriff to become a Constitutional, Oath Keeping Sheriff TODAY!

Aggression from an individual, or a collection of individuals (including an organization or institution like the State) should never be morally acceptable.
My sincerest thoughts to the family and friends of this young man who’s passed away. My prayers are with you.

—– addendum—-
Just in case I didn’t make my point clear enough. The cause of the violence was due to a transaction (does NOT matter what it was) that turned into a robbery. People who commit these types of crimes clearly don’t have any respect for someone’s life, liberty or property and THESE are the basic fundamental principles that need be taught to children as they are growing up.

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Cop Block and Fully Informed Jury Association Billboards in Richmond, VA

Thanks to generous supporters of police accountability and jury nullification, TWO billboards are up and running for 8 days in the Richmond area of Virginia. One is located on Laburnum Ave next to the bridge where Laburnum intersects with Carolina Ave. You will see the Richmond International Raceway in the background. The other billboard is located on Brook Rd, near Hilliard Ave – but right in front of the furniture store called, The Dump. The ads will be running until January 26th. We have 7 different graphics rotating (10 second spots at a time). You can see/ download the graphics we are using on the press release that was sent out a couple days before the Ads went live.

I took the initiative on this because I am a staunch advocate for Police (and other public servants) accountability and transparency; as well as Jury Nullification which FIJA promotes. If you are looking to get involved in either of these organizations go visit the Cop Block and Fully Informed Jury Association‘s websites (respectively)! These reasons are a LARGE part of why I took the initiative on this. The only other reason I wanted to do this, was sort of as a gift for Ademo Freeman. Ademo is the co-founder of Copblock and is facing several a couple years in a cage over CHALKING and wiretapping. I have much respect and admiration for what Ademo does greatly appreciate all the hard work he had done and put into the cause of Liberty.

Virginia Cop Block is on the constant prowl of finding more Virginians who believe in police accountability. So if YOU are one of them, join us on Facebook! As for Jury Nullification, It’s our only way, and our last hope to put an end to Federal or STATE tyranny I want to highly encourage anyone who gets Jury Duty to look into Jury Nullification and check out Fully Informed Jury Association, it’s the people’s way to keep our freedoms and the “Justice System” in CHECK.

Below are pictures of the billboards! Don’t forget, if you want the actual graphics, check out the press release!

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Cop Block & Fully Informed Jury Association Billboards Press Release


Local Army Veteran to use billboards in promotion of Police Accountably and Jury Nullification ads in Richmond to commemorate the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King

RICHMOND, Virginia- On January 18th, 2012, two billboards with ads promoting police accountability and Jury Nullification will be displayed in the Richmond area. The initiative is being headed by Nathan Cox, an Army Veteran and activist for the cause of Liberty, during the week of MLK’s birthday.

It was King who stated: “One may well ask How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Dr. King understood well that just because one be in a position of power, doesn’t mean that person will act in a moral way. Two organizations that advocate justice and liberty are being promoted by Nathan Cox, who believes that people have the right to be treated fairly and equally by all, whether you wear a badge or a robe.

One of the organizations Mr. Cox belongs to and seeks to promote is Copblock (Copblock.org), who maintain that “Badges don’t grant extra rights”. It is no secret that police brutality and unjust behavior by men and women in uniform has existed for many years and is on the rise. It continues because not many seek to hold those in uniform accountable or are able to do it effectively. Copblock has had much success in educating the public, supporting those who are treated unfairly, and exposing the persons in uniform who are guilty of abuse, brutality, and corruption. Mr. Cox believes that, “It’s important that we hold our public servants accountable, whether it be a cop, judge, politician or the like who is getting paid by the tax payer. Cop Block is a non-partisan organization supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goals of police accountability, education of individual rights, and the dissemination of effective tactics at exposing and correcting bad behavior. We seek to highlight the double standard that some grant to those with badges. The group documents police actions by filming their interaction with the public – whether the actions are illegal, immoral, or just a waste of time and resources – then calling the police stations involved (ideally while recording and then later sharing your conversation), we can work together to bring about transparency and have a real impact.”

The second organization Mr. Cox would like to promote is FIJA (fija.org), or the Fully Informed Jury Association. FIJA is a non profit organization whose goal it is to inform citizens of their rights as a juror and that the juror’s mission should be to “protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power of government.” It has become the belief that the juror’s sole duty is to help decide the innocence or guilt of a fellow citizen as well as pass down punishment upon them. Jury nullification is one right of a juror that FIJA teaches about. The founders thought it was important for the people to have a counter to bad laws and practices, so made it possible for a jury to acquit defendants who are technically guilty. An example of how jury nullification works is during the time of slavery. Some jurors would refuse to convict people who were supposedly guilty of helping to free a slave. Slavery is immoral and therefore the people felt they needed to use jury nullification to work toward justice for slaves and those who helped them.

Nathan Cox served his country in the military because he [initially] felt it was his duty to fight for liberty abroad, yet soon realized the greatest enemy to liberty is right here within our own borders. He now works as an activist informing others of the aforementioned organizations and issues because he feels that is his duty as well as to fight for liberty right here at home. Please find out more information at the websites provided or contact Mr. Cox if you have questions, would like to find out how you can get involved, or care to donate to the cause of liberty.


Nathan Cox


If you would like to support this cause and help donate to reimburse for the costs, feel free to do so here:  http://vfrp2012.chipin.com/cop-block-and-fully-informed-jury-association-billboards

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Traffic Stop involving Hanover County Sheriff Department

Today, as I normally do on a daily basis, I ran a red light, safely, and with no more risk had the light been green. There was clear break in traffic, I looked both way, and to my front and rear and decided it was safe to proceed and make a U-turn through the red-light. Unfortunately, I didn’t look hard enough to see the one car an 8th of a mile (or more) behind me, was a guy with a gun and a badge – who from my experience, extorts money and kidnaps people whom are peaceful.

So I get pulled over and the video captures the short conversation we had.

The “No Victim, NO Crime” reasoning in brief: (Facebook No Victim No Crime)

Police are public servants, who’ve for the most part, conveniently forgotten they are “Peace Officers”, they are out to “keep the peace”. Well, “Peace Officer” “L.T Norman” broke MY Peace, when he pulled me over. He claims I committed a “crime”, yet when asked who’s life, liberty or property did I harm, he could not answer me.

I consider myself a contributor and activist with the (decentralized) organization called “Cop Block“. Cop Block is nothing but a (scattered) group of individuals who want to hold police and other public officials accountable, and transparent. They/ we also wish to put an end to immunity for public officials as well as double standards; hence “Badges don’t grant extra rights”.

Contributors of Cop Block understand the extreme importance of FILMING the police; that is your ONLY defense/ weapon against the police. I highly encourage you to film the police ANY TIME you talk to them. We also try to get them to realize that not ALL “Laws” are “good laws” or “just (justifiable) laws”, not all laws are Constitutional. MANY laws undermine our freedom (and we are supposed to be okay with that because it’s in the name of “safety”. So we encourage them to use discernment oh what laws to uphold and that if they can not identify a victim to a particular “crime” – then it’s not a crime… aka “No Victim No Crime.” Examples include (seat belt laws, speeding, drug use, prostitution, gambling, and the list goes on and on and on.) We also encourage them to keep their oath, and to remember they are a public servant, aka a Peace Officer. 

I did not harm anyone, and if I had, I would take responsibility for my actions. I am a strong advocate for PEACEFUL civil Disobedience and Non-Cooperation. Just KNOW that ANY and ALL individuals should be held accountable, w/out a doubt for harming someone else or their property or taking their liberty from them using some degree of aggression/ coercion. I safely and responsibly ran a red light. Just because Your light is “GREEN” does NOT mean it’s safe to go, but so many times people are stuck in the “OBEY” mind-frame, where they become dependent on being told what to do & when to do it all the time – they stop thinking for themselves and therefore become less responsible for their actions.

“In cases where you claim there is a real threat of danger, the “victim” (potential victim) needs to be personally identified. For instance, if Nathan had run a red light carelessly and almost hit an old lady crossing the street, that old lady can be identified as the potential victim. Making blanket “anyone could be a victim” statements applies to almost any behavior, so we would all be criminals under that theory. Being treated as a criminal at all times is NOT “freedom”.” –Says Meg McLain a well known Liberty Activist.

I highly encourage readers to check out this webinar by Radley Balko, titled “The Criminalization of nearly Everything.”
You can better believe I will be fighting this in court, because 9 times out of 10 I “never take a plea

Before I let you go, please research the extreme importance of “JURY NULLIFICATION
Stay tuned to Virginia Cop Block and It’s YouTube Channel for more activism, articles and videos.
Lastly, please recall, and remember these quotes:
“The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” — Thomas Jefferson

“One may well ask: How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” — Thomas Jefferson

“I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful servitude…” – Thomas Jefferson

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” — Mark Twain

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

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