Off and on writer.

Heavily involved in the Campaign for Liberty. I’m a Veteran against the Wars…
I’m a Libertarian/ voluntaryist/ agorist. I’m a Christian. Check out My YouTube Channels at
YouTube.com/TrueFitnessSoutions and

Ron Paul 2012!


One Response to About

  1. will roberts says:

    Mr. Cox…please, stop using your “service” as a platform. I’m a veteran. Of multiple deployments and a police officer. I pay my taxes, raise my family and pretty much mind my own business. The last thing I or pretty much any veteran out their wants is you stating, repeatedly, over and over again “..I fought” “…I did this” and in a way speaking for vets as a whole. I say that due to the fact that so few Americans serve, and when you make these ridiculous videos and say over and over again that you were in the Army…well it makes us all look bad.

    WHO CARES? Leave those officers alone. They have a job to do and immature, little turds such as yourself have no reason to bait them into a situation, stick a video camera in the officer’s face and make demands all again while espousing your glorified status as a veteran.

    Why not go to school, keep your moth shut and work within the system. You are sad, and well I kind of feel sorry for you and your little life.

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