Richmond City Cops “warrant fishing” harass & cite two young black men for Jaywalking

Approximately 8:40 last night I was in the VCU area on Broad St. I was actually headed to Aladdin’s on Broad to get a gyro, boy are they good. I noticed a cop with his blue lights on in the far hand lane just parked in the street.. a couple shops up from Aladdin’s. So I parked at the other end of the block from Aladdin’s (where the cop was). As I walked towards the restaurant I noticed two young kids visibly upset and pleading with the police his case.

So I whip out my camera and the rest is on tape. There are two parts because I noticed my camera had shut off due to a lack of memory so I immediately turned on Qik on my mobile Phone. Both gentleman ended up missing their bus and receiving citations for jawalking (amongst a crowd of “twenty” who did as well, but didn’t get singled out)

I gave both gentleman, one bystander, and one cop Cop Block business cards, and gave the two gentlemen involved with the police altercation a personal business card.
I believe those Richmond City Cops were “warrant fishing”, meaning they pull people over or stop being walking by whom they suspect might have warrants so they can make the arrest.

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The United States of Desensitized America

Many Americans are still complicit, complacent and apathetic to the atrocities going on all around us that is the result of the State. I strongly believe a large reason is because Americans have become desensitized to government’s overreaching “authority”. Whether it’s the drunken spending going on in Washington D.C, or the endless wars we wage with foreign nations for no justifiable reason. What about the war(s) on the American people? That’s what I’d like to talk about. There has been a war on freedom ever since this nation was founded and it’s become increasingly and violently worse the past 100 years.

Since the “Founding Fathers” put together the Constitution and formed our Republic, it’s been under attack by people who hate freedom and believe in collectivism over individualism.  Since then, Politicians, whether it be local, state or federal, have legislated our freedoms away, criminalizing the most smallest things like SELLING LEMONADE at at Lemonade Stand. Well, at least some folks have said, enough is enough. A group of freedom-loving folks have organized a “Lemonade Liberation Day” in D.C (Police State Heaven) in front of Congress. I applaud and highly respect these people’s efforts and plan on joining them in this act of peaceful civil disobedience. Let me get back on point though.

As our Freedoms have eroded around us, only a fraction of the American population has really been paying attention and are concerned about this.  I am in strong support of constant, daily acts of PEACEFUL civil disobedience and non-cooperation to state and federal laws.

According to one definition, “Desensitized”: Make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images.

I spent about 14 months in Baghdad, Iraq. I was astonished to see how severely desensitized the Iraqi citizens were to not only the chaos that the U.S Military causes in the country, to include destruction of private and public property AND Human life, but to the violence that the Islamic Sects create between themselves. It’s just a way of life for them. They are used to seeing humvees, tanks, bradleys, MRAPS, etc rolling down the street, ripping down powerlines, side-swiping cars etc. They are used to curfews, used to having their persons, cars and houses searches, without a warrant, for no particular reason.

In this same way, the American people have been desensitized (for numerous reasons) to what our country has turned into. A country where freedoms have been criminalized. A country where we go to war recklessly, we occupy over 120 countries, the value of our dollar has been on the decline for decades. It’s now accepted that it’s “OK” to take money from one person to benefit another. It’s now accepted that taxation is some sort of citizenry duty. It’s now accepted that those who stand up against the government are “radicals” and even terrorists!.

Folks, the American populace need to wake up.. and do it quickly. We are on the verge of another economic collapse and quite possibly a currency collapse. Our nation has the HIGHEST incarceration right in the entire world. The American people have accepted the idea that putting peaceful, non-violent people in a cage is justifiable.

People in this country care more about Football (sports in general),  American Idol, Jersey Shore and other TV shows than the do our freedoms, the economy and aggressing against foreign countries. Between the brainwashing the Media so delicately lays on the American people, the mis/disinformation the public school are teaching and consumerism in general, our countrymen have lost all site of reality. I hope and pray People will WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING.

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Greenfield, MA Police/ The State vs. Ademo & Pete Eyre

On July 1st, 2010 Todd M. Dodge of the Greenfield, MA Police Department and his colleagues violated the rights of Ademo Freeman (aka Adam Mueller) & Pete Eyre when they illegally arrested the duo on July 1st, 2010. Since then, Freeman and Eyre have sought accountability for their rights-violations.
Check out the information below and think for yourself.
If you conclude that the charges levied at Ademo & Pete are ludicrous, and that you don’t want to pay for them to be jailed, let DA Jeffrey Bengston and arresting officer Todd M. Dodge know. Call Bengston (413.774.3186) and tell him to dismiss the charges. Call Dodge (313.773.5411) and tell him he doesn’t have extra rights because he has a badge.

4-min teaser video about Greenfield situation


28-min capstone video about Greenfield situation

Please check out over a dozen more posts and blogs about this incident here. Including, what has transpired since then and all the updates leading up to their multiple court appearances. Tomorrow they face THE STATE. </THE.STATE>

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The Top Ten Reasons why the Mafia is better than the state: By Emily Sandblade

Emily Sandblade, 58 years old, wrote this and share at “Soapbox Idol” at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, aka “Porcfest“; which is sponsored by the Free State Project! The remainder of this blog is her writing:

“Some people object to anarchy because they believe it will result in a takeover by organized crime.
In response, I’d like to present:

The Top Ten Reasons why the Mafia is better than the state.

Reason Number 10: The Mafia has a sense of honor. If they say that they will do something, they stick to it. Nobody in the government has a clue what a sense of honor is. If they say that they will do something, you can count on it only if you’re getting screwed.

Reason Number 9: The Mafia code of conduct is simple and clear, and unfettered by legal doublespeak and millions of regulations.

Reason Number 8: When competing Mafia families go to war, they don’t kill hundreds of thousands of civilians as “collateral damage.” War is the health of the state, but for the Mafia, it’s bad for business.

Reason Number 7: Instead of conducting the war on drugs and the American people, the Mafia is perfectly happy to peacefully provide high-quality products to those who desire them.

Reason Number 6: When you buy protection from the Mafia, you get protection. The Mafia has a good track record for limiting violent crime in the areas that they protect. When you buy protection from the state, you can dial 911 and die.

Reason Number 5: The Mafia’s protection is much less expensive than the state’s. The Mafia wants ten or fifteen percent of your profits, while the various levels of government will try to snatch at least 40 to 50 percent of your profits.

Reason Number 4: Unlike the state, the Mafia wants your business to succeed. They know that ruining your business means that you can’t pay for protection. The Mafia imposes almost no regulatory overhead, nor do they require that you waste your time filling out zillions of self-incriminating tax forms.

Reason Number 3: The Mafia won’t keep you from having a gun to protect yourself and your property. The state prefers that you be disarmed. The Mafia will gladly sell you the means to protect yourself and they won’t bother with a Brady check, either.

Reason Number 2: The state wants to regulate what you do in your bedroom. The Mafia not only does not want to regulate what you do in your bedroom, they will gladly sell you whatever you need to enhance your enjoyment.

And the number one reason why the Mafia should replace the state:

Members of the Mafia have a great sense of style, dress far better than government bureaucrats, and are much easier on the eyes.

So there you have it. The next time that somebody argues that anarchy results in an increase in organized crime, smile sweetly and tell that person it would be a real improvement over the state.”
Written by Emily Sandblade

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VCU Police Attack Veteran’s Freedom of Speech (UPDATED Charge DISMISSED)


Long and eventful day today. Let me write a quick synopsis, and share some of my philosophical views – as well as do a little educating and pleading for your help. This turned into a longer post than I anticipated, but please read the last “Help Me” paragraph (if not the entire thing). As I was living downtown Richmond, VA today to go home (10 minute drive), I was on the phone with a Liberty-loving friend of mine. I was a mile and half at most from the interstate when I saw an officer standing outside of his unmarked car, which appeared to be a traffic stop, but I really didn’t know (I think his blue lights were spinning). So just before I drove by him, I put my phone in my lap and grabbed my mega-phone (YES, I carry a megaphone with me in my car, and NO, not to just “harass” cops) and proceeded to say, “Stop harassing people – we pay your paychecks.” Then I jumped back on my phone to finish my conversation. JUST before I got on the interstate I noticed the same unmarked cop car came screaming up behind me trying to pull me over. So I pass the exit and pull over. I quickly grabbed my camera and the rest of what happened I got on film, so there is no point in writing about it when you can watch it HERE (or directly below) On my YouTube Channel you will also see two recent video posts that I filmed while at Police Checkpoints. I am a FREEDOM loving Iraq Veteran (against the war(s)). I’ve done MUCH more for my country, and for my individual rights SINCE getting out of the Army, then while I was in. (Disclaimer: It’s almost 2am, I’m extremely exhausted, I may lost my train of thought and my grammar may look like I belong in elementary school.) Educating: Let me implore YOU to ALWAYS carry a small, compact video camera with you; for many reasons, but to apply it here, it’s the ONLY line of serious defense you have against the police. If you aren’t already, you NEED to KNOW your rights, and grasp and basic understanding of natural law, law, individual rights, the Constitution etc. Great resources would be: Flex Your Rights, Cop Block, Sheriff Richard Mack, Michael Badnarik, Stefan Molyneux, Ron Paul, and to name just one more (out of the many) Lew Rockwell. And of course, if you cherish your freedom like I do, you must actively stand-up for, and “practice” your rights on a daily basis. My Philosophical views: To take a quote from my Facebook: ” Libertarian; Ⓥoluntaryist; Free-Market Anarchist. I believe in natural rights. Furthermore I believe a person has the natural right to self-govern and “opt-out” of the State if they so choose. I believe in property rights which begins with self-ownership. I believe that anything voluntary/ consensual should be permissible in a free-society. I believe and adhere to the non-aggression principle. Period. No Exceptions.” I believe that anything voluntary or consensual, in a free-society should be permissible. My views directly pertaining to police and laws are as follows. I own myself, I govern myself. I am responsible for myself and actions. I have never given consent to the state to own me, my property, or to have authority over me. Those [involuntary] taxes that I pay, I am coerced to pay, meaning, it is stolen from me, literally at gunpoint; and because it’s the government doing it – it’s some how legitimate. The fruits of my labor are not only stolen from me, but then used for stuff I do not consent too as well (as well pay for services I do not want or need, ie. police, etc etc etc.) for instance: War, imprisonment, and paying paychecks of people I do not know. Laws; I view most laws as unjust and illegitimate. The only laws I uphold/ honor is natural law(s). I believe the only laws there should be, are laws that remedy/ bring justice to someone who’s done another person harm, or their property harmed. All other “victimless crimes”, whether it be jaywalking, hitch-hiking, drinking raw milk, or putting any substance in your body that someone else (like the state) may not approve of, engaging in consensual acts with a prostitute, growing a garden, building a house, etc, etc, etc, etc. Let me quote a few folks:

“One may well ask: How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that the…re are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” — Mark Twain “A Patriot is an individual who is willing to stand up against one’s own government, when the government is wrong.” – Ron Paul “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.” ~Mahatma Gandhi “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin: ‘They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

So it now goes without saying, I peacefully disobey – aka – civil disobedience. I Do NOT recognize laws that are unjust or illegitimate. My goal is to educate people about what I’ve fortunately been enlightened (array of languages here) about. And when it comes to cops educate them on these three things:

1. They do NOT have special or extra rights over any other sovereign individual. 2. They do NOT have authority over people who’ve not given them authority over them. 3. USE DISCRETION on the laws you uphold! Uphold laws that are LEGIT and JUST not the converse!

HELP ME! The officer’s name who gave me the summons to appear in court on MAY 23rd in Richmond City Traffic Court is Shawn Kelley; badge #223 of the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Police Department. If you feel that my 1st Amendment rights were violated, please considering calling, emailing, &/ or faxing the Police Department. Let them know (preferably peacefully/ civilly) how you feel, why you think this is a clear attack against freedom of speech. I will be talking with Constitutional attorney’s to see if I have a case for a lawsuit against the PD. You’ll find phone numbers on this link. and you’ll find email addresses on this link I think that’s about it, it’s 3am. My eyes are blood shot and watering. I need to get up early. I hope someone has learned something from my post and video. I’ll leave you with one last some-what humorous video.. yet very true, titled, “Why I hate cops” (I do NOT Hate cops, I just dislike those who abuse the arbitrary power and authority they think they’ve been granted. I dislike those who do not realize (or fail to do) their job, which is to keep the peace, and uphold and defend the Constitution [natural rights], who thinks that being a cop is something like in a movie or tv show, upholds every single law our corrupt politicians pass and who are hell bent on keeping their quota) Big thanks to my friends at for helping me edit the video (dead space).. for helping keep police accountable, and for educating and raising awareness. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Court Appearance #1 I was found guilty, because the judge said I acted like a “jerk”. Video of initial court appearance below, in the Court of Appeals TODAY July 7th at 9am. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Free Speech is still alive and protected… barely. So, Yesterday, September 13th I went to court. The card I receive from the Judge the second time I went to court, but the first time I appealed (which was a debacle) said 9am September 13th, 2011. We get there and the court docket said 1pm. I was a little bent out of shape about it because I was going on little sleep the few nights leading up to the 13th. My attorney showed up, talked to Mr. Toepp, the attorney representing the Commonwealth Attorney and didn’t know why there was a discrepancy, but said he had no problem putting my case on the 9am docket. I had 4 supporters show up, BIG thanks to you four who did. I think I was the last, or one of the last defendants to have their case heard before the Judge. Before my attorney made his opening statement Judge Stout mentioned he was contacted by the public with attempts to “lobby and influence” his decision. The Prosecutor then added that his office had received “35 plus phone calls” as well. The Judge was some what apprehensive to continue on with the case because he said he was worried any verdict he may have given would seem as skewed because of the phone calls. He essentially asked the Prosecution, my attorney and myself consent to continue on the case. The Prosecution said he had no doubt the Judge was able to make untampered (so to speak) decision, My attorney and I agreed. My attorney, Thomas Roberts, made a great opening statement,  the prosecutor gave a rebuttal and them my attorney gave his rebuttal. That rebuttal didn’t last though because the Judge interrupted him and was ready to give his decision.  The Judge said what I did was stupid, but my speech was still protected under the Constitution. Charge DISMISSED.

I do NOT hate police. I despise the politicians who legislate our Individual Freedom and Freedom of Choice down the TOILET. Police are the most immediate face of the tyrannical legislation that turns innocent people’s peaceful actions into “crimes”.  When people are pushed to far and snap the police are going to be the first causality; and we hope to avoid that.  I have love and compassion for EVERYONE and for those of you who don’t know me, who are reading this blog, that is the TRUTH. I’m all about peace, prosperity and freedom.

I typically don’t go around with a bullhorn, harassing cops. It’s my goal, to attempt to remind the Police, that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are supposed to be “Peace Officers“. It’s my goal to remind them about the oath to the Constitution they have sworn to, just as I myself have done. It’s my goal to remind them that they are not the “strong arm” of these tyrannical legislators and they need to use discretion in upholding what laws they uphold (which essentially can nullify bad laws, simply by not upholding them, similar to Jury Nullification.
A retired Sheriff I know, named Sheriff Richard Mack quit his job to go around the country and try to educate police departments of the very same thing. Listen to what this cop has to say, when he called into a radio program called FREE TALK LIVE, listen to that 60 Second clip here.

It’s my goal BIG thanks to everyone who supported me. Special thanks to my Attorney Thomas Roberts, whom represented the Rutherford Institute. Hopefully more people will realize that victimless “crimes” should be abolished, and until then, in my opinion, any police officer that upholds these erroneous victimless crimes is doing nothing more but legalized extortion/ kidnapping.

Local Media Coverage:
From Rutherford Institute: (
WTVR Channel 6:,0,4201309.story
eadlined on their 11pm News, video can be seen here:

I had a very Constructive conversation with a Richmond Police Department Captain/ Commander today, I explained to him why I do what I do, check it out, the conversation starts around the 2:45 mark.

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Taking a Stand Against the Police State

March 17th, 2011 I had witnessed my second “sobriety check-point” within in matter of 6 days in my town, of Mechanicsville (within Hanover County). The first checkpoint I witnessed, I was leaving work at around 10:30pm on March 11th.. I noticed the checkpoint at the intersection just adjacent to the shopping center where my work is. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the first check point I had seen since living in the county for 17 years. I didn’t get caught in it, because it was in the opposite side of the road. So I ended up making a quick right and parked in the shopping center to capture some video and commentary of the scene, you can watch that here (includes encounter with police)”

However this blog is not about that police check point.. it’s about the check point I witnessed just 6 days after the one mentioned above. I was coming home from a movie in Richmond.. it was early only around 8:30pm (St. Patricks Day evening). As I was about 2 miles from my County line, on Mechanicsville Trnpk, I was nearing the county line which first requires me to go up a steep hill.. then down the same hill before a long straight-away over a swamp lands. As SOON as I hit the crest of the hill and started down ward.. I noticed something going on. Traffic was backed up 1/4 of a mile atleast.. I didn’t see ANY blue lights.. but I could see tons of cop cars and VDOT equipment, cordoning off the lanes down to one lane. I quickly realized it was a massive check point.. I couldn’t believe it… As I was approaching the sign that said “Sobriety Roadcheck ahead: Prepare to stop Henrico Police I noticed a cop car in the median, facing the direction I was going with no lights on – my assumption was he was regulating “squirters”. I took a picture of the traffic jam, and the check point sign, and then as I passed the sign I maneuvered my car though the traffic cones that had been placed and made a u-turn. I was shocked to see I did not get pulled over by the cops, for which later, after talking with Henrico Police Internal Affairs is supposedly “illegal” to do.

So I went home and made it home successfully but not before immediately facebooking about the checkpoint. I was furious and sick to my stomach – two things that fire me up quick 1) Illegal Wars
2) The Police State. I was determined to do some Cop Block‘ing! I was home for a matter of minutes before I ran down do CVS to pick up some sign making materials. I made a sign with glitter paint that said “Police Ahead” and another one that said, “Do Not Consent”. I grabbed cameras, flashlights, my glock 26 and my signs and headed back to the check point. I parked my car and proceeded to start signwaving at around 10pm. I was standing in the road, in the direction that people would get caught up in the check point, about 1/8th – 1/4th of a mile from the top of the hill where you at that point would see the check point. There IS, one last chance to make a U-Turn at the very top of that hill.

So I sign-waved, about 30-45 minutes into it, a cop flashing his blue lights came up from the opposite direction and made a u-turn where I was posted up and sorta blocked off the road while he questioned me from his car. I got about half of that encounter on video About 20-30 minutes after that encounter, with the cop who never ID’ed himself.. another cop (quite possibly the same one) came and parked his car in the parking lot I was standing in front of by the road. He immediately got out of his car and whipped out his cell-phone and began what appeared to be shooting video. As you’ll see in the video, he never ID’ed himself either.

30 minutes after that encounter with the cop, a buddy of mine finally met up with me to help me sign wave and shoot video. We walked over to the top of the hill where we could seee the checkpoint at around 12:20am. We shot some video recapping the situation and noticed after we shot the video they were taking down the roadblock. I’m not sure if we had anything to do with it or not. But I DO know we had a dozen or two cars honk (in support), wave, thumbs up, and even turn around before they made it to the checkpoint and even some thank you’s.

I’m disgusted at the police state we live in. I did what I did to raise awareness and to educate people of their rights. The Police have no authority over me. I own & govern myself and take responsibility for my actions. Just because they have swore an oath to do X,Y,Z.. doesn’t mean they have additional rights as I do, or are immune to the law. We’ve got to not only educate ordinary citizens of their rights when encountered by cops, but we need to try, and educated cops of what their job is supposed to be! USE DISCERNMENT in what laws you enforce! Do NOT enforce “crimes” in which there is NO victim, “No Victim, No Crime.”

Large of amount of credit for knowing my rights when encountered by cops go to websites Cop Block and Flex Your Rights.

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Young Americans for Freedom NON-SENSE

There has been way to much talk AND press given to this Young Americans for (limited) Freedom (YAF)… and I’m not sure why. Have we forgotten the warnings we were given? Just last year, Ryan Sorba pulled the stunt on CPAC’s stage last year, calling out Jeff Frazee and Young Americans for Liberty, for what? Well, for having a PRO-Freedom stance, rather than a limited freedom stance like YAF does. Just in case you missed that, I got the whole thing on video.

Secondly, we were warned by Murray Rothbard, the man himself!

“For note what the fusionists are saying behind their seemingly libertarian rhetoric. The only liberty they are willing to grant is a liberty within “tradition,” within “order,” in other words a weak and puny false imitation of liberty within a framework dictated by the State apparatus. Let us consider the typically YAFite-fusionist position on various critical issues. Surely, you might say, the fusionists are in favor of a free-market economy. But are they indeed? The fusionists, for example, favor the outlawry of marijuana and other drugs – after some hemming and hawing, of course, and much hogwash about “community responsibility,” values and the ontological order – but outlawry just the same. Every time some kid is busted for pot-smoking you can pin much of the responsibility on the Conservative Movement and its fusionist-Buckleyite misleaders.”

“When YAF was founded, on the Buckley estate at Sharon, Connecticut, there was heavy sentiment among the founders against the title, because, they said, “freedom is a left-wing word.” But the “fusionists” won out, and freedom was included in the title. In retrospect, it is clear that this was a shame, because all that happened was that the precious word “freedom” came to be used as an Orwellian cloak for its very opposite. Why don’t you leave now, and let the “F” in YAF stand then for what it has secretly stood for all along – “fascism”?”

Read the letter in it’s entirety here

The Freedom/ Liberty movement is represented by organizations such as Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty & The Future Freedom Foundation. Ron Paul has been the lone voice of Freedom for over 30 years. Now he has some help, with Rep. Justin Amash getting elected, as well as Dr./ Senator Rand Paul (his son).

Ron Paul knows, and thoroughly understands the philosophy of freedom. You can’t compel, force, coerce or aggress an individual into doing anything and claim you support freedom. Anything voluntary, in a free society should be permissible; so as long as “individual A” isn’t harming “individual B’s” person or property as well as their liberty – people’s freedoms need to be tolerated! We are supposed to live in a Constitutional Republic.. and we are FAR from it! We live in a Democracy, which the founders feared and despised because they cherished liberty!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” We aren’t supposed to be living in a system that the majority rules over the minority, that is the opposite of freedom.

Ron Paul gave an interview today with CNN Good Morning America today and was asked, “why do you think you won the CPAC Straw poll?” Ron Paul replies, “Maybe it’s because the young people like the message of Freedom. I talk a different message, obviously than the other candidates. I talk about personal liberty, personal choices which is something the others don’t talk about; and the foreign policy is quite different. I make sure they know that I never want to re-institute the draft, no draft registration, and I don’t ever want to go to war without a declaration. They see war and our foreign policy as a drain….. and everyone knows I’m a fiscal conservative before it was popular and it comes together, and young people realize that something has to change because the burden is falling on their shoulders.”

He goes on to say, “What I talk about is freedom and let people make their own choices. I make the point that our social lives and our religious lives in the First Amendment you get to make your own choices and therefore we should be tolerant of others. It’s the same message I apply to Economics which is a challenge to the “left” because I want everyone to make their own choices about how they spend their money. It makes a lot of sense and it comes together.

Furthermore he goes on to say, “Now if I have conservative values, I just happen to accept the fact that you can’t compel people [to do things]. You can’t compel other nations to live the way we want, and we can’t compel individuals. I want people to not use drugs, but I think it’s a responsibility of the parents, and the communities and the church. No matter how much compulsion, you know prohibition wasn’t successful. Prohibition in personal lifestyles and prohibition in how we live just doesn’t work…. that’s why I opt on the side of Voluntarism.”

I’ve been saying for a while, the problem with people who don’t understand or accept the philosophy of freedom is that those people think they can dissect it, like it’s some sort of cancer in someones body. You can NOT dissect freedom, by picking and choosing what you agree with, support, favor etc. Freedom is all-inclusive. If you don’t like someones liberty to voluntarily do anything individually or with another person (or group, consensually of course) then you need to deal with it, tolerate it and move on. Being tolerant of someone’s liberty does not mean you support or accept it, it simply means you, with some degree of patience and compassion tolerate other people’s individual liberty!

Many religious folks, whether Christian or Muslim.. or anything in between think that their religious beliefs given them a right to “tread” on people’s individual rights & freedom of choice. Well I’ll tell you what I know, and what I believe.

The God that I know, has given people freedom of choice and free will from day one. He certainly does not use force or coercion to draw people to him. If people choose to disbelieve and reject him, he’s given people that right and that ability. Therefore those people do not have any reason to follow his law/ commands. In saying that, just because someone rejects God doesn’t mean they get their (IMO) God given freedoms taken from them.

Whether you have good intentions or not, FORCE, and Coercion are the antecedent of Freedom.

“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” ~Louis D. Brandeis

“Many politicians are in the habit of laying it down as a self-evident proposition that no people ought to be free till they are fit to use their freedom. The maxim is worthy of the fool in the old story who resolved not to go into the water till he had learned to swim.” ~Thomas Macaulay

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” ~James Madison, speech, Virginia Convention, 1788

In conclusion, “Young Americans for Freedom” hasn’t done anything in years. They’ve been on a desperate attempt to reignite the little following they had. It’s no surprise that they are a statist organization. They do NOT and have NEVER represented REAL FREEDOM. They are no different from a neoconservative or progressive, who thinks it’s a good idea to regulate or intervene in the life of an individual, or our economy or foreign nations for what reason or another.

Lastly…..RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!! “Freedom is Popular”

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