The United States of Desensitized America

Many Americans are still complicit, complacent and apathetic to the atrocities going on all around us that is the result of the State. I strongly believe a large reason is because Americans have become desensitized to government’s overreaching “authority”. Whether it’s the drunken spending going on in Washington D.C, or the endless wars we wage with foreign nations for no justifiable reason. What about the war(s) on the American people? That’s what I’d like to talk about. There has been a war on freedom ever since this nation was founded and it’s become increasingly and violently worse the past 100 years.

Since the “Founding Fathers” put together the Constitution and formed our Republic, it’s been under attack by people who hate freedom and believe in collectivism over individualism.  Since then, Politicians, whether it be local, state or federal, have legislated our freedoms away, criminalizing the most smallest things like SELLING LEMONADE at at Lemonade Stand. Well, at least some folks have said, enough is enough. A group of freedom-loving folks have organized a “Lemonade Liberation Day” in D.C (Police State Heaven) in front of Congress. I applaud and highly respect these people’s efforts and plan on joining them in this act of peaceful civil disobedience. Let me get back on point though.

As our Freedoms have eroded around us, only a fraction of the American population has really been paying attention and are concerned about this.  I am in strong support of constant, daily acts of PEACEFUL civil disobedience and non-cooperation to state and federal laws.

According to one definition, “Desensitized”: Make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images.

I spent about 14 months in Baghdad, Iraq. I was astonished to see how severely desensitized the Iraqi citizens were to not only the chaos that the U.S Military causes in the country, to include destruction of private and public property AND Human life, but to the violence that the Islamic Sects create between themselves. It’s just a way of life for them. They are used to seeing humvees, tanks, bradleys, MRAPS, etc rolling down the street, ripping down powerlines, side-swiping cars etc. They are used to curfews, used to having their persons, cars and houses searches, without a warrant, for no particular reason.

In this same way, the American people have been desensitized (for numerous reasons) to what our country has turned into. A country where freedoms have been criminalized. A country where we go to war recklessly, we occupy over 120 countries, the value of our dollar has been on the decline for decades. It’s now accepted that it’s “OK” to take money from one person to benefit another. It’s now accepted that taxation is some sort of citizenry duty. It’s now accepted that those who stand up against the government are “radicals” and even terrorists!.

Folks, the American populace need to wake up.. and do it quickly. We are on the verge of another economic collapse and quite possibly a currency collapse. Our nation has the HIGHEST incarceration right in the entire world. The American people have accepted the idea that putting peaceful, non-violent people in a cage is justifiable.

People in this country care more about Football (sports in general),  American Idol, Jersey Shore and other TV shows than the do our freedoms, the economy and aggressing against foreign countries. Between the brainwashing the Media so delicately lays on the American people, the mis/disinformation the public school are teaching and consumerism in general, our countrymen have lost all site of reality. I hope and pray People will WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING.

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