I can’t stop listening to this song, it’s orbiting my mind like it’s solaristic,
Comparable to PETA who can’t shake the Shhh* with Mike Vick,
But both are in the past, and there ain’t nothin’ I can do to change it
Go ahead though, and grab a sewing kit, because it’s the story of my life
It’s always the same of shhhhhhh*
Sew me back from the pieces i’ve been – I’ve told you already I’ve got thick skin,
I know, I know you’re sitting there playing a mini-violin,
But I’m sitting here being real as can be,
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
I’m not out to deceive, so don’t you go and preconceive -some notion in your head,
Just once chance I’ll show you I’m sweet like cinnamon bread.

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