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“Lessons in Liberty: Agorism
Posted on October 6, 2010 by Peter Neiger

Agorism is derived from the word “agora” which is Greek for market. It is a revolutionary theory primarily based on the writings of Samuel Edward Konkin III in his 1980 work “New Libertarian Manifesto”. In this book, Konkin describes his theory of revolutionary anarcho-capitalist change through operation on the black market (or counter-economy). The prime method for agorists to destroy the state is to become self-sufficient, including living without protection agencies such as the police.

Agorism is considered a “revolutionary theory” because it calls for a collapse of the current structure instead of working within the current system for incremental changes. Agorists oppose voting and paying taxes when it is possible to avoid it. Instead they support direct action through educating individuals about the benefits of a free-market, the harm government does to market forces and the coercive truth behind all state action. Agorists also promote personal entrepreneurship, with individuals buying and selling products on the counter-economy. It is counter-economic action that is believed to bring down the government. By depriving the government of funds, the state will be forced to crack down more and more on peaceful actions to feed the never-ending growth. The increased intervention of the state would lead to people rising up and standing up to their rights, ultimately putting an end to government.

While agorists are pro-markets they are not pro-corporatism. In fact, pro-statist capitalists are considered “the main evil in the political realm”. All of the problems experienced by the modern market, such as booms, busts, depressions, recessions and unemployment, are a result of state interference in the market. In a truly free market, an equilibrium would occur that would encourage lower prices and greater prosperity as long as force (the government) is not used to support the organization or suppress competition. The organizations that find the optimal management structure within their industry will survive.

The number of explicit practitioners is fairly small and is centered in the anarchist community. Some young members of the libertarian movement are openly agorists, and events like PorcFest have had agorist markets advertised. In reality though, nearly everyone has participated in agorism at some point. Every purchase on Craigslist or at a garage sale that is not reported to the government is a small agorist act. Hiring a neighbor to babysit or mow your lawn counts as participation in the counter economy. Entire community events like Burning Man, which operates on a gift economy, are really practicing agorism by trading goods and not paying taxes or reporting purchases to the government.

Agorism is a peaceful revolution tactic. Agorists simply want to be able to live in peace and trade without coercion. The result of this peaceful action will theoretically force the state to show its true form: violence and coercion.

For more information on agorism or to purchase the poster shown above please visit”

An example of Agorism… selling bottled water on the street (w/out a permit)

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