45 days out (roughly)

Well with roughly 45 days until I leave Baghdad.. and another 50-55 until I’ll actually be home (in the States)… It’s survival/ chill mode here on out.  Still haven’t seen a lick of combat which at the beginning of the deployment concerned me… (not being able to experience it) But toward the beginning of this year I didn’t care anymore, and my views on this “conflict” have 180ed.  It’s pretty disappointing we’ll be going home to be face to face with the chaotic turmoil we’ve been watching on the news for months now.  Economic problems, Political problems… I’ve come to the realization that Washington thinks we the U.S is immune to economic problems, and therefore will do anything to sustain that ideology.

It’s nerve racking and scary to see what the Federal Government has grown to be, and where it is heading. In my opinion it’s furthering itself from democracy, sound capitalism/ free trade.  Politicians distance themselves as well as think they are above the U.S Constitution on a daily basis, it’s sickening.  We need more “champions of the constitution”! I’m VERY thankful for the grassroots movements that are starting to sweep the country nationwide; it’s finally starting to wake up America.

I’ve got a ton of things I want to do when I get back, the list seems endless.  I don’t want to lose any fervor I have, or become complacent and negligent of my citizenry duties, that is for sure.  I definitely want to englighten as well as persuade people to become more active citizens, to educate themselves on politics.. and U.S policies.

I need to get my spiritual life in check, quick.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in the Word, my passion and interest in politics the last couple months has on fortunately put out my spiritual fervor.  It has been challenging, and far to often I feel like I’ve been on the losing end of the field since I’ve joined the Army. I’ve had my good periods where I made my stand, and then not.  I hate when I do that, I feel so hypocritical.

I’d like to put on a show for some friends of mine in the (late) summer of 2009; friends whose names are definitely not widely known…but have great potential, and In my opinion are the better artists of today.  They don’t talk about all the garbage that they along with most of society is wrapped up in (sex, drugs, murder..etc etc). I’ve long awaited to hear artists talk about something other than that. Something deeper, something with real meaning that has value behind it.  I got mad love for the guys in Rebuilt Records and hope I can do them some sort of justice next year by putting their name out, and helping them earn a few bucks.

Can’t wait to touch ground in the States!

Ron Paul turning up the HEAT ( A TRUE champion of the Constitution )

Ron Paul turning up the HEAT ( A TRUE champion of the Constitution )Micah Dalton & Jon Black Jammin

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