Some thoughts on America

America needs to regrasp the very principles and values that once was admired of us world-wide. We American’s need to re-invest our time to (re)educate ourselves on American and Foreign History. We as Americans need to get out of the lethargic, complacent state we are in; yes that means turning off your tv’s and putting down your game console controllers…. and pick up a book and read, or via internet (research) important things that rhough wisdom and action will make a difference in the United States, and essentially world-wide.
The whole world is watching America, learning from the successes and unsuccessful, learning from the hatred, lack of generosity, lack or respect and simply put, lack of morals. Has our great Nation forgot the meaning and importance of accountability & responsibility? We’ve become self-centered, selfish and lazy. We are so complacent we’ve let the government run almost every aspect of our lives. Capitalism, free-market economy, democracy, individual liberty and freedoms will vanish -&- it’s right around the corner. Can we be so naive to think that our nation could never possibly turn into a socialist or communist nation? If Americans refuse to educate themselves on history, our past failures and mistakes, and stand against leaders in Washington repeatedly making mistake after mistake our great nation will continue to decay.
I challenge all Americans to find with in themselves integrity, pride and honor for our great Nation and to make a stand for what is clearly right, and explore any uncertainty. I encourage you to not be the “most people” in this quote by James Bryce, “To most people, nothing is more troublesome that the effort of thinking”… fight the laziness and complacency that you may have consciously or unconsciously developed and educate yourselves; knowledge is power.
Lastly, “The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, or moral persuasion.” – Steve Biko
Let us unite and make a stand against hypocrisy, against people who want to rid us of individual liberty, freedom, privacy and security. Volunteer your time to make a difference, an impact and a change in someone’s life OTHER than yourself! Take a stand against biased media agencies, against music artists who produce immoral garbage, along with tv and movie producers.
Time is far beyond the value of money, use it, along with the sponge-like thing we call a brain WISELY. Take the time and humility to get to know people outside your social circles, to help your neighbor (whether literally or figuratively) Peace, patience, kindness, selfishness, servitude and respect are all attributes of love. Let us create an atmosphere of love that will spread like wild fire.

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