Just a little tidbit i wrote.. somewhat bored.. thoughts of mine

Something I wrote August 1st 2008

Life, and the unexpected twists and turns
the blindsided moments that just smack you out of your chair..
and you ask yourself, why me?
Time, an invaluable treasure, a gift.
The past, an valuable measuring tool, to learn from the good and the bad.
The present, it’s all we have, it’s not meant to be “wasted”, “burned”, or “killed”.
The future, what does it hold? Thats the million dollar question, but what direction are You headed? Is Society headed?
Family, It’s all we have, the relationship of that of a family; whether between family or friends is irreplaceable, I’d call it a natural phenomenon. The sacrifice, dedication, and love is unmeasurable.
God, our Creator, King & Savior. His patience, his love, Amazing! His honesty and selflessness greatly appreciated. His brilliance, and way of communication, Outstanding. Through all things comes from God, and are a gift from God.
Liberty, We should treasure it! and fight for it! Personal freedoms and our natural rights have been forsaken and now misunderstood; and untaught in our public school systems. It’s a simple concept. Has our nation lost its’ pride? Forgotten our History/ heritage? May us NEVER forget the sweat and blood people shed to build this nation, and continue to shed.

Sun setting over some bradley's here in Baghdad

Sun setting over some bradley

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One Response to Just a little tidbit i wrote.. somewhat bored.. thoughts of mine

  1. I. Cant says:

    Thank you for serving. And thank you for writing and sharing.

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